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- Craig D. Lounsbrough

Still Serving Counseling - Veterans Serving Veterans | Red Smoke
Still Serving Counseling - Veterans Serving Veterans | Red Smoke

"To fall down is to face the weakness of my humanity, test the mettle of my character, and push the limits of my strength. Therefore, falling down will tell me who I am far more clearly than most things I might learn when I'm standing up."

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"I am a stern critic of mental health places; this results from years of inadequate services provided by VA care. However, Kristin Gyford treated me with professionalism and respect. She honored my story and was not judgmental or dismissive. Instead, she took her time getting to know me and giving me the space I needed to develop trust. As a veteran herself, Kristin understands the military culture, and I didn't have to waste my time explaining that aspect of my life. Her knowledge of mental health, curiosity, investigative mind, and ability to connect make her an outstanding therapist."

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