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First Responder Issues
On The Front Line

First responders are always on the front line facing highly stressful and risky calls. Constant exposure to trauma, life-threatening situations, and the physical strain of working long hours on little to no sleep can negatively impact overall mental health, increasing the vulnerability and risk of mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, substances use disorders and suicidal ideations.

Additionally, long shifts, working with others who are similarly struggling with mental health disorders, difficulties at home, and other personal issues can all contribute to the high rates

of the mental health disorders commonly diagnosed. Not wanting to call attention to their struggle and preferring instead to focus on the job, many in the profession do not want to acknowledge that they might be in need of treatment or that their symptoms may be complicating their ability to function physically and/or mentally.

Still Serving Counseling Services offers a variety of treatment plans in assisting our First Responders that includes: Evaluation and diagnosis, Treatment planning, Traditional Therapy, Trauma Focused, Family Support and connection to community resources. 

Most importantly for many First Responders, they want to meet with someone who understands or has training dealing with other First Responders. Our clinicians are well diverse in experience, education, their own personal encounters and can handle hearing things that "are not for the timid".