Center for Women Veterans (CWV)

Gyford, Kristin

Kristin Gyford is a United States Air Force Veteran and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) founded Still Serving Counseling and Services with a vision of helping Veterans, first responders and their families in her community. Her dedication to the community has far exceeded what others thought imaginable. She has advocated on the macro level against change of statewide policy for Veteran continuity of mental health care while also procuring grants to ensure Veterans who have fallen through gaps of insurance companies can receive mental health services. She additionally runs a non-profit, sits on boards for community non-profits and attends community gatherings to support various causes. Kristin continually sets the standard of a trailblazer in the Central Oregon Community. Recently, Kristin established an intern hub in her clinic to ensure Veterans in graduate school can learn hands on how to “pay it forward” to care for other Veterans. Veteran and civilian graduate students while learning therapy skills and developing valuable community resources for helping clients beyond the walls of the clinic.